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New Job, New Place.

I’m getting ready to start a job at a new restaurant owned by an actor in Baltimore’s Little Italy. I’m excited and apprehensive. It’s a new place. I’m unfamiliar with Baltimore. This job just honestly fell into my lap.

I was at my brother’s sister- in- law’s. We were partying hard. Jello shots and video games ensued. Midnight rolls around and I get a phone call from mi madre. It’s midnight. I’m near plastered. She is out for after dinner drinks with her friends and they went to this restaurant. She talked up my mad skills as a pizzaiolo, someone that can throw dough like a beast, and got me an interview the next day. I completely forgot. She brought me a brief of the owner and his restaurant to read on the way up. 20 minutes into the interview, they offered me the job.

So now, I have a job 40 minutes away. I don’t drive, as I couldn’t afford to keep my car after the economic collapse in 2008. So, I need to find a place. I put my feelers out there and try to find a place. I found a couple, but the real winner came when a server at the restaurant heard of my plight and said that she was in a similar situation and offered that we should find a place together. Boom.

Place found. Moving in as early as next week. This is crazy. It gives me a completely new opportunity to explore. It gives me the chance to get back into school. It gives me the chance to be a plank owner at a new celebrity owned restaurant and endless upward mobility.

So, I am apprehensive, excited, nervous, jubilant, exhausted, overcome, and fucking freaked the fuck out. Wish me luck.